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Sierra Nevada Wellness Center has made some additions to the weight loss program producing results even better than before. Not only are we incorporating our traditional Laser-like Lipo and evaluations but we also now offer healthy supplementation to boost efforts and help with digestive regulation, body wraps, dietary guidance and our program even helps fight against candida overgrowth.

Once the program is complete, we offer maintenance programs and follow ups to make sure once the weight is gone it stays off! If your concern is not weight loss, our program is also helping a wide range of health concerns such as hypertension, pain, thyroid levels, hormones, type II diabetes, anxiety, energy levels, mood, etc. Centered around helping individuals achieve a healthy lifestyle, this weight loss program is designed to be noninvasive and a better approach to weight loss than cool sculpting and liposuction. 

In only a matter of weeks, you'll gradually notice your body responding to each aspect of the program. Weight loss has always been a top priority to Dr. Joseph Johnson and he has now found the perfect solution to safe, healthy, and efficient weight loss for a variety of body types!

Top 5 Weight Loss Winners

~DK: 84lbs, 5 months

~GN: 51.0lbs, 2 months

~AA: 37.0lbs, 3 months

~TM: 28.2lbs, 1.2 months

~LY: 27.4lbs, 1.2 months

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