Laser-like Lipo




Pain free.



"I have dropped a couple of pant sizes and lost 20lbs! Try it out -  it gets you moving and it gets you motivated. The results are there and they are GREAT!" - Dawn


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Laser Like Lipo is a safe non-invasive, pain free procedure GUARANTEED to help you lose at least two dress sizes.   

Sierra Nevada Wellness Center is the only medical center in Northern Nevada that offers this alternative to surgical procedures like liposuction and coolsculpting that can leave you down for the count for weeks.  

Our 18 week treatment is customized for each of our clients and allows them to gradually witness their body responding to each aspect of the program. Our technicians help work one-on-one to ensure that we have found the best personalized approach to meet your needs. Along the way our technicians monitor measurements, overall BMI & the individual details of each client's lifestyle. We understand how important and exciting it is for our client's to see visible progress during the program.

The Laser-like Lipo technology, alongside your tailored weight loss program guarantees that the inches will just fall off. Using a red light laser bed that surrounds the targeted area, the laser open fat cells and pores. After lymphatic system stimulation, contents of fat cells are gradually drained. This gentle noninvasive approach allows you as the client to watch the inches decrease. Results vary from client to client but we guarantee a loss of 2-8 dress sizes in 42 days or we will continue working with you! Schedule your consultation today, and we will guide you through the details of this transformational program!