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"The impact our treatments leave follows our clients wherever they go, and brings them back over and over again for all of their health & wellness needs"

We are laser focused on our clients health and wellness. We aim to offer the best treatment and the best price. But our mission extends beyond simply price and treatments; we want you, our clients, to walk away feeling like we understand you and empathises with your needs. We want you to feel supportive enthusiasm and matched aspiration to meet your holistic & cosmetic goals. That's what you do for family and that’s what we want to do for you. At the Sierra Nevada Wellness Center, you are our family. We encourage our clients to be honest and open with us so we can continue to work side by side with you to provide a pleasant revitalizing experience at the Sierra Nevada Wellness Center.

Case Studies


Annette Perry

From the moment we arrived in Sparks, we were concerned about the general practitioner we would choose. We loved the doctor and the office that we came from and it's such a vital and important relationship that is formed that I was hoping to find the same office in our area. Well I did! Dr. Johnson (TBF)

Mindy C.

I've been a patient of Dr. Johnson's for years. He has genuine concern for his patients and is always positive and upbeat. He practices traditional medicine as well as holistic alternatives to find solutions for his patients. I've also had laser hair removal and Thermiva treatments at his office with excellent results! I would highly recommend him and his office to anyone.

Deborah S. Reno, Nv

       I recently purchased the 2 laser-like lipo treatments... through a Facebook sponsored ad in late October.  I had been researching this type of body inch reduction treatment for a good month but was unable to come across any facility in Reno/Sparks that provided it. My initial treatment appointment explained everything that I didn’t already research on my own. The technician asked me what my main concern was on my body(the reason I was doing the laser-like lipo). I explained that my legs(above the knee to my hips) were what I wanted to treat. She got right to work placing the light paddles where they needed to be. While I was on the table, she asked me about my diet, exercise routine, water intake, etc.  Obviously everything that is important to losing weight and inches on any body. As a woman over 40, it became apparent to me that diet and exercise are not always enough especially if you want to jump start weight loss. So I was excited to get this going and knew going forward that it would require more treatments for the results I was looking for. 
      After the 2 treatment deal, I purchased 11 more treatments that now consisted of my legs and butt. I first noticed a difference in my legs after the 5th treatment and by the 11th I had lost over 2 inches on each leg and saw a significant change in the smoothness of my skin. The measurements for my butt were never taken, but I have noticed a significant difference there and also in the way my clothes fit.  I have now since purchased 9 more treatments of both areas and am very happy with my results. The laser-like lipo treatments at Sierra Nevada Wellness Center come very highly recommended by me. Thank you!


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